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Claim Package Bank Account

We help to take the hassle out of making a claim for mis-sold Package Bank Account fees and charges. We do all the paperwork, chase the banks etc and make sure you get ALL the compensation you are entitled to.

The List of banks that you may be able to claim from is not exhaustive! IF you don’t see your bank it does not mean you cannot claim! It only takes a minute to complete the application form and you could be entitled to thousands of pounds worth of compensation IF you have been mis-sold unnecessary features on your bank account.

Did you know you can claim back packaged bank account charges?

What are Package Bank Account Charges?

When you take out a a bank account with most banks they will offer or try and sell you the benefits of having an enhanced account, these are Package Bank Account Fees. These packaged charges could include features like mobile phone cover, travel insurance, car breakdown cover. These products are “packaged” together and the bank charge you a fee for them.

How Much Compensation Could I Get?

The amount of compensation awarded varies depending on the monthly fee charged and for how many years you paid it for. However an average refund range is between £1,500 to £2,500 with added compensatory interest.
More than most people think!

Can I Claim From My Current Bank?

YES, many of our clients are still paying for their packaged bank account, Claiming it back will not negatively impact your relationship with your bank and your bank account number remain unchanged. Instead you will no longer pay a monthly fee and any overdraft facility will remain in place although standard free bank account overdraft conditions may apply..